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I am thrilled to announce Florida’s first Autonomous Racing club - Knights Auto Team (KAT) at UCF. This open club is designed & targeted for all the enthusiasts in autonomous vehicles, robotics, electronics, computer vision, machine learning, and anyone who has a zest for learning and transforming the future into reality. The goal of this club is primarily to have fun building autonomous vehicle racing platforms - both small and full scale. At the time of this writing, our club has over 60 members who are mainly UCF students from multiple disciplines such as Aeronautical, Mechanical, Electrical, Computer Engineering & Science. We are also proud members of DIYRobocars, which is a large community of small-scale autonomous racing enthusiasts, originally founded by the COO of flying car company - Kitty Hawk. Finally, Knights Auto Team goal is also to educate everyone about the research and technologies that are used to build Autonomous Vehicle for Urban driving and racing. To this end, we regularly host workshops and tutorials which are hosted on our Youtube channel.

Available Resources

We have multiple scales of Traxxas RC platforms with embedded boards such as NVIDIA Jetson TX2 and Xavier AGX, along with several different sensors like Cameras and Lidars. We are also openly looking for sponsors from both industry and academia. If interested, please send us an email and get featured on our homepage.

Let’s have fun collaborating, building, and showcasing our talents while we achieve a common goal of building Autonomous Racing Vehicles!

More Information on our website: Knights Auto Team (KAT)