“We are getting close to intelligent machines, but they are showing the necessary weakness of intelligence.” — Richard Feynman



Real-Time & Intelligent Systems Lab

Graduate Research Assistant [Aug. 2021 - Present]

  • Leading the F1tenth-autonomous racing platform development team
  • Exploring and collaborating research in applications of ML and RL in real-time cyber-physical systems

NHK International Corporation

Research Engineer II - Research & Analysis Team [Nov. 2018 - July 2020]

  • Prototyping and Development of factory automation systems based on robotics and SOTA computer vision algorithms for a highly dynamic industrial environment
  • Developed Pipeline to acquire point cloud data from sensor, integration with ROS, point cloud segmentation, model fitting using RANSAC and ICP, model perception, robot motion & path planning with Moveit, and supported with a Qt-based GUI


Graduate Research Assistant [Feb. 2017 - Aug. 2018]

  • Real-Time SIL Emulator for ADAS Testing and Validation – Sponsor: Ford Motor Company
  • Small-scale Connected Autonomous Vehicle – Sponsor: NSL
  • Vehicle Safety Communications Applications – Sponsor: CAMP

Giant Health Events

Machine Learning Intern [May 2017 - June 2017]

Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.

Business Intelligence Developer [Sept. 2014 - July 2016]


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Python, C++, C, MATLAB Hardware: LiDAR, Depth Cameras, NVidia Jetsons, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, FPGA Libraries: TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch, OpenAI Gym, PCL, VTK, OpenCV, Eigen, Pandas Tools: ROS 1/2, Git, Gazebo, Moveit, CloudCompare, NS3, SUMO simulator, Qt, VSCode


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S.No Name Date of Birth Profile Salary
1 Jeff Smith 35 Assistant Manager 120,000
2 Maria Garcia 42 Department Head 85,000
3 David Rodriguez 37 Senior Sales Executive 45,000
4 Eyon Shih 32 Sales Executive 35,000

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